NicStick Electronic Cigarette Testimonials

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I just wanted to leave a review on an awesome customer experience I've had with Nicstick! I'd had an issue with my points that I needed resolved, as well as a specific Nicstick battery I was loving that I needed replaced. After calling Nicstick, everything was resolved at lightspeed in the friendliest manner possible! I was also re-sent a discount code that my email had missed in order to get the best value on my most recent purchase which I greatly appreciated.

Thank you for such a wonderful customer service experience- it truly made my whole week! To top it off, Nicstick does have such wonderful products. My Dad and I would not have been able to kick our smoking habits without you, and I will only ever use Nicstick Ego batteries and chargers due to the incredible value and performance of the product. You guys rock- keep up the awesomeness! - Holly N.


"Thank you so much for your help Juliann. The service I have received so far from this company far surpasses that which I got from V2 and Blu combined. I never would have imagined this considering today is the first time I have ever even heard of Nicstick." - Scott.


"Svetlana, I got my package in the mail today and that was the nicest thing anybody has done for me as long as i can remember . I was not expecting so much you dont know how much this means to me this is a potential life changing thing i want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart my wife thanks you my grandson thanks you now i can quit smoking and no excusses this shows what customer service is all about i will tell people on ecf and facebook you changed my life THANK YOU again i will be your customer and bring others with me. , - David G.


"Nicstick is the best company I have ever dealt with. Product is 5 star. Price is 5 star. Service is off the chart! This is what makes America move forward. Great job. - Thomas R. M.


"Words cannot express how much I love nicstick products and the nicstick company. I tell everyone that mentions electronic cigarettes that if you are serious about using them and if you want the best; nicstick is the ONLY one that delivers it all. I don't even look or even think of looking or getting other brands, even if I were to run out. None compare, its that simple. Nicstick has become a part of my life. The products are truly astounding and extremely satisfying and the customer service is the best I've seen. Thats why I am staying with nicstick as long as I use my E-cigs!" - Stephen M.


"I was working outside road side using my nicstick to sustain. I'm actually quiting for myself and for my 4 year old and 7 year old's sake, and this tool is just enough to take off the edge. I ended up losing it on the road and finding it the next day after about a thousand vehicles drove over it. I thought my quiting smoking was over but oh no. Fail me not, got home, charged the battery for roughly 20 mins and it persevered. Im puffing away..." - Marvin


"I have never had an internet co. with your concerns about their customers. I will be a customer for life. I would like to thank the young lady who called me to inform me of an error I had made on my order. It is a breath of fresh air to know there is still a company which has their customers best interest at heart. I am 62 years of age and thought the age of integrity had passed. I am wrong, Maintain this integrity and you will go far. Thanks again" - Wayne


"I'm impressed, Your product arrived quickly and worked perfectly" - Brenda


"Fantastic Product, Great Service, my order was upgraded to priority shipping at no additional cost and you actually answered the phone when i called, Thank You" -Paul


"Thank you for the expedited order, it was just in time, I am sooo tired of tar and cigarettes. Thank you so much, I will be placing another order in about 1 1/2 weeks as I am almost off of the Salems, and it will be pay day. Thank you again. I have ordered alot of different brands but am very happy with your service and help. - Sonya G.


"Thank you for the prompt service and the extra cartridges. I mailed the old batteries back today. Again thank you for resolving my issue so quickly. " - Ryan


"Since I have been using my NicStick 302, I have not smoked any more tobacco cigaretttes. Great product and great service from NicStick!" - Mikyle T.


"NicStick Team, I wanted to send this email to thank you for the excellent service you provided in getting me my order. I especially want to THANK YOU for the car charger. I am totally satisfied with your product and service." - Deborah T.


"This is the best e-cig I have tried yet. Hands down the best customer service and the best product." - Emily C.


"I have been able to save over 600 dollars by smoking the NicStick cigarette."Marcia F.


"When I first heard about this I was skeptical, but now I can't live without my NicStick 510."- Joseph W.