How does an Ecig work?

An Electronic Cigarette or E-Cigarette is a cigarette-shaped and -sized tube, which has a LED colored light on one end, encompassing a battery and an atomizer cartridge that converts the liquid into vapor. Every time a user attempts to smoke, the pressure-activated switch makes the mini heating element function and generates a vapor that looks similar to smoke. When the user stops smoking, the smoke will stop appearing, and the cigarette will return to stand-by mode. As the cigarette is battery-operated, it can be charged with the equipment provided and used over and over again. 

The vapor of the ecigarette is basically the same kind of smoke one usually sees at concerts, pubs and live entertainment shows, which are used for special effects. Further, the vapor can consist of nicotine in doses set by the user and in a range of different flavors like chocolate, apple, mint, tobacco, and a lot more. Users can buy the flavor of their choice and also, their brand of cigarettes. 

Nicotine quantities in the cartridges are available in low, medium, high, and zero. The high quantity cartridge contains the same nicotine amount as that found in a regular cigarette, although a few have been seen to exceed it, which is not recommended for your health safety. Few brands also allow you to create your own custom flavors and adjust the nicotine level yourself. 

From a physical sensation point of view, E-cigarettes and regular cigarettes are very much alike, and that is why they are such a brilliant replacement to tobacco smoking, but the biggest challenge is changing over from tobacco cigarettes to E-cigarettes with will power. Also, the users have to be well-prepared, in terms of keeping the battery charged for the entire day. It is advised to keep a spare battery on them at all times. E-cigarettes last almost 20 times longer than a standard cigarette, and are much cheaper than tobacco cigarettes.