NicStick Rewards Program

We are proud to present our rewards program. We have rolled this program out as a way for loyal customers to earn more discounts.

The reward program is available to customers with an account. The account is needed so that we can quantify points and assign them to your username.

How can I use points acquired?

When placing an order, login and view the Shopping Cart page. Near the slider area, a slider will appear that allows you to use aquired points. For every 1000 points acquired, a $20 discount can be applied.

How do I earn Points?

Points can be acquired in the following ways:

  • Purchase Items from the NicStick website: 20 points are awarded for each $5 spent
  • Referred customers make a purchase: 1000 points are awarded to each succesful new customer referral  
  • You review our products: 50 point are awarded for each approved review of our products
  • You share your purchase or our products on Twitter or Facebook: 100 points are awarded for each verfied Twitter or Facebook post

Friend Referrals

Referring a friend is easy and a great way to points. We have streamlined the process. Visit the "My Referrals" section of your "My Account" page and choose the referral method that works best for you!

Questions and Support

All questions can be directed to